Covid-19 Information and Updates

  • Our waiting room is now open for all patients to check in at the front desk, regardless of appointment type! Masking is no longer required for any visit type, unless you have had a known Covid-19 exposure, or suspect that you or your child may have Covid-19.



Our office has the capability to do rapid PCR testing right in our own lab. Results will typically be back on the same day unless we are seeing a high volume of sick visits, in which case you may not get results until the following morning.

In the event that we are unable to provide testing here due to lack of supplies, we will send tests out to URMC for processing.  Results can take 24-72 hours to come back to us.

Whether your testing is done in our office or sent to an outside lab, we will send your results to your Medent patient portal as soon as they are available to us, along with any required documentation that you need.  For positive results you will also receive a phone call from our clinical staff.

Are you testing at home and have a positive test?  If so….here is what you need to know

  1. Take a photo of the test! You will need to upload this to the health department.  Below you will find the link to the form you will need to fill out.
  2. The person/people who tested positive should immediately start masking in shared spaces and isolate as much as possible.
  3. Positive family members should isolated and follow the current quarantine/isolation requirements from the NYS Department of Health and/or your local County Health Department.

Report your positive test here:


Current CDC Quarantine Guidelines:,spreading%20the%20virus%20to%20others.